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Are Black Holes Dark Matter?

Physicists Argue That Black Holes From the Big Bang Could Be the Dark Matter An old idea of Stephen Hawking’s: Unseen “primordial” black holes might be the hidden dark matter. New studies shown how the theory can work.

Welcome to Visionary Creativity

Our world is no longer what we have thought it to be, and a new world is struggling to be born. Visionary Creatives are driven to bring this new world to all of us. Visionary Creativity will a series of posts on scattered topics that, taken together, constitute a glimpse into our emerging world. (Or, […]

An Urgent Call

This blog is an urgent call for creativity in our Selves, our economy, our society, and our culture. Our society is built on creative freedom, but today that freedom has diminished in Europe and is under attack in the United States. As we will see in the course of posts on this site, the loss […]

Re-reading Carver Mead

  With some summer time on my hands, I am belatedly reading Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age, the story of the computer technology developed at Xerox PARC — the personal computer, the mouse, the graphical user interface, the laser printer, Ethernet, computer graphics and video, etc. (Xerox could […]

Creating an Original Self

by John Lobell I recall in high school English class reading an essay by Emerson and being asked by my teacher, what I thought. I said that I thought, “What am I doing in high school, I should drop out and get on with my life.” She replied, “That is not what he meant at […]

Vincent van Gogh and Doctor Who

Let’s imagine we could ask van Gogh if he would trade his life of suffering for one of feelings of contentment, satisfaction, wellbeing, pleasure; a positive emotional state. We know how Nietzsche would answer. I suspect van Gogh might answer the same way, declaring himself with William Blake: “As I was walking among the fires […]